The South East Asian (SEA) Coaching Course 2011 in Thailand

29-Nov-2017 09:35

1. In an effort to promote Tack and Road cycling in the South East Asian countries, the ACC and Thai Cycling Association (TCA) are going to organize a 12-day coaching course under a NFDF Program in September, 2011 at Bangkok, Thailand as follows:
  1) Name of the Course: The 2011 SEA Coaching Course for Track and Road Cycling;
  2) Objective of the Course: To promote practical training techniques, skills and
     knowledge for the coaches invited from the SEA countries;
3) Period of the Course: 1st Sept-12thSept, 2011 (12 days);
   However, the trainee coach (es) shall arrive at Bangkok on 31stAug, one (1) day
before the starting date of the Course, and leave from Bangkok on 13thSept,2011 at
the latest.
  4) Place of the Course: Velodrome and Road Circuits in Bangkok;
  5) Maximum No. of Trainee Coaches to Be Invited: all 13 Men or Women Coaches
     (1 coach from each of 12 SEA countries, but exceptionally 2 coaches from Thailand);
  6) 12 Countries to Be Invited to Send its Trainee(s): Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia,
       East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
and Vietnam;
    7) Accommodation (Hotel): Chaleenas Hotel in Bangkok
    8) The Course will be conducted in English by a UCI Instructor. So, all the coaches are
 required to speak/understand English, and also shall be holders of the national coach licenses issued by their own national federations.
2. With this letter, I would like to invite you to send 1(one) qualified trainee coach (Man or Woman) for the course. Please inform the Secretary General Office, ACC of the following information before 29thJuly, 2011:
   1) Name/e-mail/mail address/mobile phone No. of your trainee coach qualified
      for the Course;
   2) Curriculum Vitae for your trainee(s) in cycling sport.
3. Your trainee coach�s expenses for attending the Course including his round trip air ticket, accommodation/meals and local transportation during the whole period (12 days+ 2 extra days) of the Course will be borne by NFDF. 
4. If you do not respond to us with the aforementioned information within the deadline (29th July,2011) set forth, we will ask other national federation(s) to join this project, taking it as a sign of no interest in this project from your side. Please do not hesitate to contact with the following persons on this matter:
  1) MG. Decha Hemkasri, Secretary General, TCA   / Tel: +66-2-719-3340/ Fax: +66- 2-719-3343
  2) Mr. Choi, Boo Woong, Secretary General, ACC Tel: +82-2-467-1313/ Fax: +82-2-467-1323
5. Earlier registration of your trainee coach(s) will be of help in carrying out this project, and would be appreciated.