Mission Statement

The Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC), a non-profit-making organization founded in 1962, is the association of the national cycling federations (NFs). Its headquarters are located in Dubai, UAE.

The aims of the ACC are as follows:

* To promote and develop the sports of cycling in all its forms and levels in Asia;

* To assist the International Cycling Union (UCI) in controlling and regulating the sports of cycling in the Asian continent and to help solve differences that may arise between affiliated federations;

* To organize and/or to grant and award the organization of the Continental Cycling Championships, Mountain Bike Championships, Indoor Cycling Championships, Cycle-Cross Championships, BMX Championships or any other Asian level cycling activity to a member federation of ACC at the terms and conditions to be stipulated by the Management Committee of ACC;

* To help the UCI in the technical supervision of cycling events in the Asian Cycling Championships, Asian Games and other Regional Events in Asia held in accordance with the Rules and Statutes of the International Olympic Committee(IOC) and the UCI;

* The ACC is a non-profit and voluntary confederation composed of national cycling federations in Asia, which governs all cycling sport disciplines at all levels;

* All national cycling federations duly accepted as members of the International Cycling Union (UCI) within the Asian region shall be eligible for membership, provided that only one federation from each country shall be admitted as a member;

* To represent the sport of cycling and defend its interests before the International Cycling Union and all national cycling federations in Asia;

* The constitution and regulations of the federation shall not run counter to both the Constitution and Regulations of the ACC and the UCI. In case of divergence, only the latter shall apply.