Mr. Al-Qassimi (UAE) Elected as UCI Management Board Member from Asia at the 2009 UCI Congress, Lugano

29-Nov-2017 09:32

The ACC has at long last succeeded in adding one (1) more UCI Board Member, Mr. Sheikh Faisal Humaid Al-Qassimi, President of UAE Cycling Federation and ACC Vice President to the UCI Management Committee at the 2009 UCI Congress election held in Lugano, Switzerland on 25thSeptember.

Having one more Member in the UCI Management Committee through the election of the 2009 Congress at Lugano has long been one of the primary campaign goals that Mr. Cho, Hee Wook, ACC President promised to achieve during his tenure since his inauguration as ACC President back in 2005.

Mr. Al-Qassimi뭩 election to the post of the UCI Management Board would serve a historical epoch-making occasion to push cycling sports in Asia more toward contribution to the globalization of cycling and thus to promote Asian cycling one step forward than now.

Along with Mr. Cho, Hee Wook, ACC President who was elected as the UCI Vice President at Lugano  in the same UCI Management Committee now, Mr. Al-Qassimi is supposed to represent interest of ACC in the world cycling and the UCI.