India heads towards the champion title on day 2

22-Sep-2018 21:59

Day 2 of the Track Asia Cup 2018 witnessed exuberant performances on the Velodromewith finals of 8 events taking place. However, there were a handful number of crashes too but the pain was all erased in the enthusiasm of the cyclists.

On day 1, India could only have a marginal lead above the Indonesian team presented an exciting show of talent. But on Saturday, 22nd September, the hosting team took significant steps towards the championship and earned 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals on Day 2.

In Men Junior 3 km Individual Pursuit final, India's Bilal Ahmed secured silver with a timing of 3:28.903s, this was his second silver of Track Asia Cup. While Kazakhstan's DanilPekhotin won his second gold of this tournament clocking 3:28.273s.SAINCA won the bronze of this event. 

A big surprise came of the day when Junior Cyclist E. Chaoba Devi of SAINCA won over India's favourite Nayana Rajesh P in Women Elite 3 km Individual Pursuit finals. SubarnaBarma from Bangladesh won the bronze in this event. Chaoba Devi expressed her happiness on winning the gold.She said that“I’m doing training for 7 hours on daily basis and very glad that the hard work paid off. My sole aim to represent and win medals for the country”.

In the Women Junior 2 km. Individual Pursuit, India's Swasti Singh won the gold medal with a timing of 2:41.123 s and an average speed of 89.37 km per hour. DanammaChinchakh from SAINCA secured the silver medal with an average speed of 73.9 km per hour. Before this tournament, Danamma won bronze medal in the Asian championship in Point race event.

In Men Elite Scratch Race of 15 kms..ThurakitBoonratanathanakorn and PatompobPhonarjthan from Thailand won gold and silver medals respectively. Ryan James from Netherlands won the bronze. 

The Men Elite 4 km Individual Pursuit final saw Hong Kong's Siu Woi winning the gold. While Ryan James of Netherlands grabbed silver, his second medal of the day, Yuttana Mano of Thailand got Bronze.
At the time of this report, 02 events were pending where Deborah and P Sanu Raj was contesting for Bronze medal in Women & Men Sprint respectively.

India was on top with 4 gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze at the time of this report.

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