Welcome Message

On behalf of the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC), one of the 5 Continental Cycling
Confederations of the International Cycling Union (UCI), I would like to warmly welcome your visit to our Homepage of the ACC whose headquarters are located in Dubai, UAE.

Founded back in 1962, ACC has been proudly aiming to govern and promote cycling sport in all its form and level in this great Asian Continent and the world, composed of all 41 National Cycling Federations from Far East to the Middle East. Asia with its almost one third of the world population and enormously vast territory, has the greatest potential to grow fast almost in every aspect of life including cycling sport. 

To this end, it is sincerely hoped that this serve as a most powerful and effective communication leverage for helping achieve what all cycling family in Asia wishes to see with a great deal of pride and confidence in the years to come.

Once again, welcome all to our passionate voyage to your destination of wisdom and knowledge for your great cycling sport. Thank you!

Osama Al Shafar

ACC President