Everest Cleaning Expedition 2011 on 21st May

29-Nov-2017 09:35

Mr. Chhimi Urkyen Gurung, President of Nepal Cycling Association and a group of Guinness Book Record holder Mountaineers, supported by ACC President, have gone to clean Mt. Everest as part of the Sherpa Everest Cleaning Expedition 2011 on the occasion of Nepal Tourism Year in prevention of the Global Warming.

ACC take this pleasure posting his article about Everest Journey as follow.

" If we have good motive then there is a success in our hand always with helping hands to help and support.  It is my experience towards the life me Chhimi Gurung, youngest son of Mr. Sangdo Gurung (93 years) and late Ms. Chhongbuti Gurung having 4 sisters and 1 brother.

I am a Himalayan boy born before 47 years ago dated at 24th August 1964 in the small and remote village Ghyaru (3700 m.) of Manang VDC of Nepal.

My wish to climb Mt. Everest, World's highest peak is emerged during my Kalapani cycling tour when I saw lots of garbage there. At that moment, the issue global warming knocks in my head. After that I want to do something from my side. Every time I was so worried & thinking about that what will my contribution towards global warming.

If there is a will there is a way. Finally my dream comes true when I heard news about the Mr. Pemba Dorje's success. Three persons got success to involve their name in Guinness World Record i.e. 77 years Mr. Min Bahadur Gurung  (Oldest person climbing in the Everest), Mr. Tempa Sherpa, youngest climber and Mr. Pemba Dorje Shrepa himself record holders less time to get success in Everest expedition. He broke the world record of 16 hours by achieving success in 8 hours and 10 minutes. All the three record holders are guided and supported by him. So I was more excited. Because Pemba was my student before got a hold success in Everest climbing.  Once he came to my place Dawn t ill Dusk (dtd) office at Thamel to buy a cycle as a cyclist. At that time I taught him 2 months physical training.

One day meeting with Pemba Dorje, I said him about my wish and he was so happy and committed to support me to achieve my goal. So many meeting and discussion finally we have a team of 10 members including Pemba Dorje Shrepa, fastest climber of world. Our team left Kathmandu at 19th April 2011 to climb Mt. Everest.

After starting our summit towards Mt. Everest at 3rd day we reached base camp.  In this way, at 22nd April we stayed 2 days in base camp (5200 m.) and at 25th April, at advance Base Camp (6500 m.). Due to the bad weather and not open of route we had spent more than 20 days in advance base camp.

With the grace of god and by luck, all our team members are fit and fine in good physical health. At 18th May, we stay overnight in Summit Camp - 1, North Cole 7000 meter and another overnight stay in Camp- 2 (7700 m.). Our team arrived at 3 pm in the last camp at height 8300 m. Camp - 3. After arrived there we relaxed from 3 pm to 10 pm and summit push whole night.  That was the most difficult day for all climbers, where we also faced many difficulties like rock climbing, ice climbing and ladders etc. We have met up with more than 16 dead bodies. A climber died in front of us.

In this way, the memorable day of my life 21st May the day my dreams come true, I was on the top of the world at 5:50 am. I was so happy as well as being proud and emotional too. We hoist our National flag and Flag of ACC, praying for more success and development of cycling sports.

The last day was 'do or die' situation to me also like every climber. Because I am not professional climber as well not a trekker so feel same like others. Due to my passion towards climbing, wishes from my families as well as my all well wishers made me more energetic & enthusiastic to go forward and accomplished my ambition.

I am enjoying my achievement in the world's highest peak with praying for the more development and success in the cycling, surprisingly my eyes paid attention towards the waving hands. I was amazed at that moment. When a gentleman came close to my eyes at that time I am more excited to see him. He was a cyclist my student. That was my lifetime unforgettable moment. He was Kaji Sherpa and climbed from Nepal side. A memorable moment is that a Nepali cyclist and president of Nepal Cycling Association (NCA) were meeting in Everest summit, top of the world.  I am always excited remembering that moment.

I am thanking my entire supporter ACC, NOC, Ghyaru VDC and others. Without your support and best wishes I am not able to achieve my goal.  I want to thank all who directly or indirectly support and wishes for my success and hope for always.

 The main purpose of our expedition is to collect garbage above 8000 m. and bring back so we had collected more than 100 kg garbage from base camp. The most of garbage are Oxygen cylinder, flex which was not decayed, banners and chocolate wrappers etc. The climbers brought banners and flex with name of sponsor or supporter and throw out there after complete their expedition.  These stuffs created the place polluted and also one of the main reasons for climate change.

Many organizations as well as individual misused the fund of for cleaning garbage of Mt. Everest and Climate Change. But they are not used the budget in proper and right way. So, I cordially request to ACC for conducting a press meet to aware people about garbage and climate change.

It is more effective to aware people that ACC make a message and announces through website that everybody bring back the all stuffs from the Everest summit which was taken with them.

These days I am enjoying my success with my family, friends as well as community because I am a first person from Manang VDC who succeed to reach top of the world.  My community became proud that I had done lots of work to recognize my village Ghyaru and district Manang.  Every year I organized Yak Attack (The highest mountainbike Race on the world), the competition related to the mountain bike. This is a competition of mountain bike race where the entire cyclist from world came to participate. The race is starts from Kathmandu to Beni . It covers   490 Km and the  its highest  altitude is 5,400 mt. This is Annapurna round trek mountain bike race.  Participants from all over the world came to enjoy the race.