ACC Supports USD500 to BMX / Indoor Cycling Organizers

29-Nov-2017 09:32

Starting from 2009, the Organizing NFs for the annual Asian BMX or Indoor Cycling Championships will be awarded with USD 500 as one of the gestures to encourage their (its) effort and contribution toward organization of the said Championships and promotion of both cycling disciplines in Asia as well.

During the 2009 Asian Indoor Cycling Championships held in Hong Kong China on 11thJuly, where 5 NFs from HKG, JPN, MAL, THA and MAC were represented, Mr. Cho, ACC President awarded USD 500 to Cycling Association of Hong Kong China (CAHKC), the hosting NF.

During the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Cho also appreciated Mr. Herman Hu, President of CAHKC and Mr. Alfred Li for their great contribution toward making the said Events successfully organized in spite of a lot of difficulties involved in their decision-making for the organization in Hong Kong China