ACC Management Committee (MC) Held in Guangzhou

29-Nov-2017 09:35

The ACC Management Committee (MC) was held at Shangri-La Hotel on 21st Nov, 2010 at 14:00 hrs to decide the following major items:

  1. The 31st Asian Elite Cycling Championships and 18th Asian Junior Cycling Championships:
     -Period: 8th-19th Feb 2011
     -Venue: Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand
  2. The 2011 ACC Statutory Congress and MC Meetings:
     -ACC Congress: On 7thFeb at 10:00 hrs at Amari Watergate Hotel
     -ACC MC      : On 6thFeb at 14:00 hrs at Amari Watergate Hotel
  3. The 2012 Asian Elite and Junior Cycling Championships:
     - Organizer: Malaysian Cycling Federation
     - Period: 1st or 2nd week of Feb, 2012 (TBD)
     - Venue: Kuala Lumpur Velodrome(Cheras) & Putrajaya
     -It was decided that the 2012 Asian Cycling Championships would include the 1st Asian Under 23 Road Cycling Championships in it for the 1st time ever in the ACC history.
  4. The 2012 Asian MTB Championships:
     -Organizer: Lebanon Cycling Federation
     -Period: TBD
  5. Incorporate Article 6 of the UCI Constitution into the ACC Constitution and By-Laws:
     -It was decided that new article 6 of the UCI Constitution regarding principle of autonomy, independence and non-interference would be included in and incorporated into the ACC Constitution and By-Laws.
     -Federations that are already members of the UCI will benefit a time limit until 31stDec 2012 to incorporate these provisions into their constitutions. Any Federation�s decision, elections and bodies that are not in compliance with paragraph 4 and 5 shall not be recognized by the UCI/ACC. If the situation is not regulated within the time limit granted by the UCI President, the national federation may be suspended.
   6. Possible Disciplinary Sanctions at the Next MC in Bangkok Against 3 NFs with the Largest Amounts of Membership Fees Arrears:
    -MC decided that the 3 NF with the largest amounts of their membership fee arrears (more than USD 5,000 from each NF) might be suspended at the next ACC MC, if they do not demonstrate their strong will to pay them by paying even some considerable portion of their arrears before the next ACC MC.
    -The ACC shall write the 3 relevant NF and their NOC asking for their early payment of the arrears in a preliminary action for their possible suspension.
   7. The ACC will Award Certificates to All Asia Record Breakers:
     -Every Asia record breaker will be awarded with a Certificate of Breaking Record. To this end, Mr. Frederick Chan, Chairman of the ACC Statistics and Records will submit all the data on the Asia record breakers to the ACC in due time.