29-Nov-2017 09:35

The 1st Meeting of the ACC Management Committees for 2011 was held at Amari Watergate Hotel at 2 p.m. on 6th Feb 2011 and discussed/decided on the followings:

- The financial report for 2011 was made to the Meeting and the MC decided to approve it by a unanimous decision;

- The MC decided to create the 1st Track Club ACC Cup starting from 2012 possibly in Iran;

- The 2011 Asian MTB Championship would be organized in Suzou City, China from 10th - 12th June;

- The ACC Media & Marketing Committee chaired by Mr. Al-Qassimi shall push its effort to move on so as to find as much sponsorship as possible in coming months;

- The change of article (10, 1) which limits the number of the terms of the ACC President position for a person was unanimously approved for recommendation to the ACC Congress of 7th Feb 2011. The amendment would make the ACC Constitution & By-Laws being in line with the Constitution of the UCI and other 4 CC as well;

- The MC decided to recommend suspensions of Laos and Turkmenistan Cycling Federation to the Congress for Non-payment of their large amounts of their arrears for UCI / ACC membership fees;

- Mr. Al-Qassimi뭩 suggestions for development of Cycling in some of the member NF of ACC were discussed, the MC decided to continue its effort for finding more detailed viable solutions in the coming months;

- The MC decided to organize the 2nd Meeting of the 2011 ACC MC Meetings at Copenhagen, Denmark at 14:00 hrs on 23rd September 2011 during the 2011 UCI Congress.

Before the aforementioned discussions / decisions were made at the MC, Mr. Cho, ACC President made an opening remarks, saying, 밯e are already right on the track towards preparation for the year of 2012 and pushing globalization of the Asian cycling sport further than before.� He continued to say that many of the ACC member Federations have already made earlier and good start-ups, referring to China뭩 Track World Cup in January, Malaysia뭩 Tour of Langkawi 2011, India뭩 Tour of Mumbai I & II, Gulf Track Cycling Championships in UAE, and Tour of Qatar which have made earlier start-ups than usual for 2011. Mr. Cho hoped that this year be another extraordinary year of the Asian Cycling in front of lots of tougher challenges ahead of us