UCI Track Cycling Workshop To Be held in March in Netherlands

29-Nov-2017 09:35

UCI Track Cycling Workshop is going to be held in the morning of the 23rd March 2011 in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.
This Workshop is organized to follow up matters that were discussed on the Track Cycling Workshop held during the 2009 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Pruszkow, Poland, as well as discussing new topics imposed by the evolution of Track Cycling.

In order to enable again a fruitful workshop, it has been decided to maintain the restriction of delegates per continent as 4 for Europe, 3 for Asia, 3 for Americas, 2 for Oceania and 1 for Africa.
All NF are required to submit to ACC the identity of their delegates no later than by 11th March 2011. Therefore, should you be interested to attend this workshop, please contact with ACC on the information of the delegate by indicating the first and last names of the delegates together with their role in Track Cycling and the country they represent.