Shpilevsky looks set to hold onto yellow jersey

29-Nov-2017 09:35

After a testing day for the leader of the race, Grega Bole (Slovenia) took the win, but the leader Boris Shpilevsky (Russia) stayed with the front group and looks set to hold onto the yellow jersey all the way to Sanya with only tomorrow뭩 stage in the way.

On a cold dreary morning in Danzhou the riders set off on their 182.5Km trek to Dongfang.  Three category climb were included in the first half of the race and a large group broke away during the first climb. And after the second climb they had 1minute and 15 seconds on the main group.  On the main category 2 climb, Ablay Shugaipov (Kazakhstan) attacked early but Jai Crawford (Savings and Loans) lead the way past him to take top points at the top. Yellow jersey wearer Boris Shpilevsky (Russia) struggled a bit up the climb but managed to hold on. By the base of the descent the lead group had 5 minutes 32 seconds on the rest, and were looking strong as they weaved there way through the tree lined roads.

Wang Mei Ying (Trek Marco-Polo) initiated an attack, taking five other riders. Four of them dropped off and it was only Ying and Ruslan Tleubayev (Kazakhstan) left. Ying was keen for the break to succeed, but with a strong tail wind for the final 20Km the strength of the large leading group was too much, forming together for another large group sprint. Grega Bole (Slovenia) took the sprint in front of Francisco Ventoso (Carmiooro A-Style) and the yellow jersey Boris Shpilevsky (Russia).

Tomorrows stage includes three climbs, which should make the chase for the KOM jersey interesting, but barring no incident Shpilevsky should remain in yellow as the Russian team and friends are too strong to overcome.