Shpilevsky breaks through the mist and mayhem to conquer once again

29-Nov-2017 09:32

After a crash in the final sprint took down several riders Boris Shpilevsky (Russia) came through for another win, and strengthened his hold on the leaders jersey with three stages to go.

Starting in Chengmai the 181.4Km stage seven to Danzhou was clouded in mist and light rain. After a three lap circuit of the starting town the stage was contested on undulating terrain  were a three man break formed. Including Matthias Brandle (Elk Haus), Herz Serge (LeTua) and Peter van Agtmaal (Netherlands). They gained up to three minutes on the bunch. The Russian were doing a lot of the chasing today and when in site of the break Herz Serge (LeTua) went it alone while the other escapees slowed to rejoin the group. Serge was caught at 20Km to go.

The group was all together for the finally, and during the sprint several riders went down at high speed. Fortunately for the yellow jersey, Boris Shpilevsky (Russia) was uninvolved, and took an easy win.

Shpilevsky has a thirteen second buffer on second place rider Francisco Ventoso (Carmiooro A-Style).