NEWS: The 2016 UCI MTB Coaching Course at Chai Nat, Thailand

29-Nov-2017 09:35

1. The �2016 UCI MTB Coaching Course� will be organized under the financial support of the UCI/ACC NFDF from 3rd to 11thSeptember, 2016 at Chai Nat, Thailand in collaboration with UCI, ACC & THA as follows:
1)   Course Name: 밫he 2016 UCI MTB Coaching Course� at Chai Nat, Thailand;
2)   Purpose of the Course: To assist NFs in improving the skills, techniques, knowledge and experiences of the National MTB Coaches on the basis of the application of the UCI Regulations;
3)   Course Period: 3rd-11thSept, 2016 (9 days including Arrival and Departure Day).The trainees shall arrive at Chai Nat on 3rdSept 2016, and leave from Chai Nat on 11thSept, 2016 at latest. (Accommodation, Meals & Local Transportation will be paid/provided from the UCI NFDF Fund only for this period by THA);
4) Place of the Course: Chai Nat, Thailand;
5) Numbers of the Trainee Coaches Invited: 21 Men and/or Women National MTB coaches as a maximum (4 coaches from Thailand, but only one (1) coach from each of Afghanistan, China, Cambodia, Chinese Taipei, East Timor, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines & Singapore . (In case that there is any vacancy to the non-Thai coaches originally invited from Non-Thailand NF as above, his /their replacement(s) might be invited to attend the Course from any other foreign NF or Thailand, instead till the total numbers of the trainee coaches reach 21 in all.)
6) Name of the Accommodation Hotel: To be known in due time by THA;
7) The Course will be conducted in English by a UCI-appointed Instructor. The national MTB coaches shall speak and understand English well, and shall be the license holders for their National MTB Coach issued by their own NF. The age eligible for the Course shall be No Older Than 50 years at the time of their applications.
2. The Trainee Coach뭩 expenses including his (her) round-trip air-tickets, accommodation /meals and local transportation for/during the Course will be paid/supported under the UCI NFDF. 
3. The Organizing NF (THA) shall be responsible for its practices, implementations And operation including Administrative Support, Registration of the Trainees (Application Forms), Expense Payments, Travel Arrangements (Air Tickets, Local Transportation, Visa, etc.), and also Submission of its After-Action Report to The ACC within 10 days after finishing the Course (No Later Than 21stSept 2016). It is advised, however, that the entry Visa to Thailand for the trainee coaches, if needed, shall be arranged by each of the Coaches attending the course at a very earlier stage.
4. Please be advised that the enclosed 밃pplication Form� shall be deposited to the office of the Secretary General, ACC ( with a copy addressed to Thai Cycling Association ( No Later Than 2nd August, 2016 (Tuesday) under the penalty of inadmissibility.
5. Please keep contacts with Mr. CHOI, Boo Woong, Secretary General, ACC (, Office Phone: +82-2-467-1313/ Fax:+ 82-2-467-1323) up until 2ndAugust 2016, if you have any question on this, but in case you have questions on this after 2nd August, 2016, then make contacts with Mr. Suchai Duangdee of THA (Office Tel: +66-2719-3340/ Mobile: +66-85-071-6135 / Fax: +66-2719-3343).