A New 250M Velodrome Opened at C.C.C. Shuzenji

29-Nov-2017 09:35

On 29thSeptember, 2011, C.C.C. Shuzenji opened its new and state of art modern  250 meter Velodrome which was the 1st doomed 250 meter wooden Velodrome in Japan after 1 and half years� struggle for its construction.
The opening ceremony was held at 12:00 hrs on 29th September with many cycling families in Japan attended. Among them were Mr. Yutaka Hirayanagi, President of Juridical Foundation Cycle Sports Center,Mr. Choi, Boo Woong, Secretary General of ACC, Mr. Magne, Director of WCC, Mr. Tadao Tomihara, President of JCF, and Mr. Masao Yajima, Suprintendent of CCC Shuzenji. Mayor of Izu City and President of Japan Professional Keirin Association were also among those celebrities.
The Velodrome will be widely used for CCC Shuzenji뭩 Training Camp projects and training track cyclists from Japan. However, it will be open to the public on 1st October, and Japan national cycling championships was also scheduled for 14th October.