Mr. Ulzi-Orshikh Jamsran (Mongolia) To Be Awarded with UCI Merit At 2010 UCI Congress, Melbourne:

29-Nov-2017 09:35

A UCI Merit will be awarded to Mr. Ulzi-Orshikh Jamsran, Secretary General of Mongolian Cycling Federation (MCF) and former Mongolian National Cyclist during the 2010 UCI Congress at Melbourne on 1stOct. The Award of the UCI Merit was decided at the UCI MC at Birmingham in June by the recommendation of the ACC President.

The citation was determined based on his numerous contributions toward cycling in Mongolia for more than 27 years as a national / professional cyclist and also Secretary General, MCF. His dedication to development of cycling sport in his country is known to include:

 -Increased the number of cyclists and improved performance of cycling clubs in 21 Provinces of Mongolia and 9 districts of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city;
 -Brought a donation of bicycles, sports uniforms worth of USD 300,000 for the Mongolian national cycling team during the period of 2002-2007;
 -Fought against irregularities in connection with riders� visa so as to allow Mongolian cyclists to attend the international competitions abroad without any difficulty;
 -Paid lots of special attention to the quality training programs for his National Teams, which had led them to achieve excellent performance in their international races.

His careers as cyclist and sporting administration include:
Member of National Team (1983-2007), Member of professional Cycling Team, Giant Art (2000-2001), Member of Continental Professional Cycling Team, Marco Polo(2002-2006), Member of Continental Professional Cycling Team, Discovery Channel Marco Polo(2007), Member of MCF Board (2002-2007), Member of the Zam Cycling Club Board (2005- ), Secretary General, MCF (2007- )