Mr. Cho, ACC President Mentioned After Guangzhou AG: A New Fresh Trend Emerging in Asian Cycling

29-Nov-2017 09:35

Mr. Cho, ACC President /UCI Vice President stayed at Guangzhou City until almost the end of all the cycling competitions in order to celebrate the Games and also to encourage cycling families including riders, officials and presidents/ secretary generals from the member national federations affiliated to the ACC, who came to attend the Games held on a amazing scale under the great slogan of �Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia�.

He mentioned that a new fresh trend was taking place in Asian cycling with  an amazing achievements made by the cyclists of China and Hong Kong China in particular at the Games. (See medal tally below).
Cycling events of the Games included 10 Track events (11th-17thNov), 2 MTB (on 18thNov), 2 BMX (on 19thNov) and  4 Road (20th, 22nd & 23rdNov). However, the 21stNovember was a rest day without cycling competitions, thus it was solely allocated for the ACC Management Committee Meeting at Shangri-La Hotel,chaired by Mr. Cho from 14:00hrs.
Mr. Cho also encouraged 10 international commissaries present at the Games by giving them his complementary meal allowances personally in order to supplement their meal purchases, regrettably, daily allowances of which were not sufficiently supported for them by GAGOC. He also took the honors of awarding medals at 5 track cycling victory ceremonies, 1 MTB cycling victory ceremony and 1 BMX cycling victory ceremony during his staying at Guangzhou.
Returning home on 24thNov, he wrote his congratulatory letter to Mr. Cai, Jiadong President of Chinese Cycling Association, Organizing National Federation, saying that � Quite naturally, I have returned home with a wonderful impression that China would certainly continue to play a leading role in the world cycling sport within years. When it comes to a systematic organization of  sports events, I have felt one can hardly beat what we have enjoyed from the Guangzhou Asian Games.�