29-Nov-2017 09:35

The ACC Statutory Congress held in Bangkok, Thailand on 7thFeb, 2011 has decided to suspend Laos Cycling Federation (LCF) and Turkmenistan Cycling Federation (TCF) provisionally on the pre-condition that LCF and TCF do not complete their payment of all or some significant portion of their total arrears due for its ACC/ UCI Membership Fees no later than 23rdSep, 2011 at the latest, which is the date scheduled for the 2011 UCI Congress.
In case that the aforementioned condition is not met, the UCI is supposed to bring the said decision of the ACC Congress on the provisional suspension of LCF and TCF to the 2011 UCI Congress for its final stamp. The above decision was made by the said ACC Congress in accordance with Article 4 -6) of the ACC Constitution, which says that 밿n case of non-payment of the membership contribution to the ACC or subscriptions due to UCI/ACC for two years, the ACC Congress may suspend a member of the ACC.�
Of course, the UCI may not suspend LCF and TCF to the UCI Congress, as long as LCF and TCF do meet the said precondition set forth regarding the possible lift of the suspension.