Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) BMX Park Opened

29-Nov-2017 09:32

Cycling Association of Hong Kong China (CAHK) celebrated its opening of the HKJC International BMX Park on 31stOct, 2009 during the 2009 Asian BMX Championships and the HSBC Hong Kong BMX Open 2009 in Hong Kong China.

Financed with a total of some HKD 20 million by HKJC, and after more than 3 years� construction which started back in 2006, the International BMX Park became the first international standard BMX track ever built in Hong Kong. It would allow lots of BMX young riders, officials and spectators a great deal of excitement with its fantastic accessibility from every corner of Hong Kong, technical perfection and convenience for use by all the young cyclists and people whoever want to practice BMX cycling.

The festive opening ceremony of the HKJC BMX Park was attended by many distinguished guests, cyclists and even civilian people. Among the celebrities were Mr. Cho, Hee Wook, ACC President and UCI Vice President, Mr. Choi, Secretary General of the ACC, Mr. Herman Hu, President of CAHK, Mr. Leung, Chairman of CAHK, Mr. Alfred Li, Chairman of the ACC BMX-Committee, Mr. Tak Sing Tsang (HAB), and Mrs. Teresa Au, Head of Corporate Sustainability Asia Pacific Region, HSBC Ltd, one of the main sponsors for the Asian BMX Championships.

The International BMX Park is the venues not only for the BMX competitions of the 2009 East Asian Games on 5th Dec, 2009, but also for the 4th Asian BMX Championships on 31st Oct, 2009. During the opening festival, an unveiling ceremony of the foundation stone was conducted along with lions and dragon dances amusingly performed in an eye-dotting ceremony.