Competition Period of 2012 Asian MTB Championships Changed from Aug to Oct Due to the Organizer뭩 Situation:

29-Nov-2017 09:35

Lebanon Cycling Federation (LCF), the Organizing NF of the 2012 Asian MTB Championships notified that the original schedule for the Events (16th-19thAug, 2012) had to be postponed to the month of Oct, 2012 (tentatively 11th through 14th Oct) due to its internal situation, known as being associated with its religious considerations including the Islamic Ramadan.
The new period (11th-14thOct) of the Events in Lebanon will be finally confirmed in due time in consultation with the UCI, ACC and the Organizer to be notified to all NF affiliated to the ACC at the earliest possible time.
This change, of course, will definitely entail the change of the date for the next ACC Management Committee Meeting which was originally scheduled for 16thAug, 2012 during the said Championships. The new date for the next MC will be sorted out in due time, taking account of the conditions of all major parties concerned.