ACC Trials Committee Chaired by Mr. Ali Zangiabadi from Iran

29-Nov-2017 09:35

The ACC management Committee of 12th Feb 2012 at Kuala Lumpur decided to create the ACC Trials Committee chaired by Mr. Ali- Zangiabadi, President of IRI Cycling Federation.
This Committee, the 1stofficial trials activity ever in Asia was proposed to the MC by Mr. Zangziabadi will be supposed to take care of every step needed for promoting this spectacular cycling discipline in the Asian Continent, where only a few NF are known to practice it at the moment.
In his first letter sent to the ACC, Mr. Al-Zangiabadi mentioned that he would be organizing a Trials Development Course in Iran in a few months led by a UCI Trials Commissaore and UCI Trials Coach. Mr. Navid Kasirian from Iran Cycling Federation was appointed the Secretary General of the said Committee.