ACC President to the UCI Tour of Chongming Island Women뭩 Road World Cup 2012 in China

29-Nov-2017 09:35

The 5th round of the UCI Women Road World Cup series was taken place in Chongming Island, China on Sunday,13thMay, where Mr. Cho, Hee Wook (ACC President) was present as the UCI Representative along with Mr. Choi, Boo Woong, ACC Secretary General.
The World Cup was represented by 18 Teams from Asia, Europe and America, and Shelly Olds from AA Drink of America became the winner followed by Melissa Hoskins and Monia Baccaille. Significant with the Asian Teams was that the Korean National Team which finished the second in the team classification.
Among the 18 participating teams, there were all 6 teams from Korea, Hong Kong, China, Chinese Taipei, Japan and Thailand.