ACC Management Committee Meeting Held in Sharjah, UAE

29-Nov-2017 09:35

The ACC Management Committee was held on 12thApril at Millenium Hotel in Sharjah, UAE where the 2010Asian Road and Track Cycling Championships for Men and Women, Boys and Girls were organized from 8th-17th April.

The agenda of the Management Board included Financial Report of the ACC for 2009, Reports by Chairmen of the ACC Sub-Committees, Report on the 2010 Asian MTB and BMX Championships in Korea in September and October, Report on the Guangzhou Asian Games in November, Report on the New London Olympic Track Disciplines, Issue of the Arrears of the UCI /ACC Subscriptions due by NFs, Report on the National Federation뭩 Development Fund (NFDF), Introduction of the new ACC website and Other Matters.

밒 am very proud to say that the good things were not a matter of chance but rather the results of all the hard work put in by many people contributed to the success, in particular from the Management Board members,� said Cho, Hee Wook, ACC President in his opening remarks, recalling the achievements made during the last one year.

During the Meeting, Choi, B. W., Secretary General, ACC reminded that all the NFs affiliated to the ACC, regardless whether they belong to 1st or 2nd group, are all entitled to apply for the NFDF no later than the end of April, 2010.

It decided to organize the next ACC MC meeting in Guangzhou on 21stNovemebr during the 2010 Asian Games.