ACC Management Committee Held in Lebanon on 11th Oct

29-Nov-2017 09:35

ACC Management Committee Held in Lebanon on 11th Oct:
The 2nd ACC MC of the year was organized in Baskinta, Lebanon on 11th Oct during the period of the 2012 Asian MTB Championships, the 1st ever of this kind in the Middle East to discuss/decide the important matters including awarding of the 2104 Asian Track and Road Cycling Championships to Kazakhstan, which will be scheduled for the month of July 2014 at Astana City.
The main agenda for the MC included:
-  Reports on Various ACC Committees (By Relevant Chairmen);
    -  Report on the 2012 Asian MTB Championships (By Lebanon Fed);
    -  Report on the 2013 Asian Road & Track Cyc Championships (By Cycling
  Fed of India);  
    -  Report on the 2013 Asian MTB Championships (By Chinese Cyc
    -  Report on the 2013 Asian BMX Championships (By Singapore Cyc Fed);
    -  Report on the 2014 Asian Cycling Championships in Astana (By
Kazakhstan Cyc Fed);
-  Change of the UCI Constitution and ACC Constitution & By-Laws ( BY SG);
    -  Results of the 2012 London Olympics/Paralympics & Incentives for the
Asian Medalists for London Olympic & Gold Medalists for Paralympics;
-  Other Matters.
In the President뭩 opening remarks, Mr. Cho said that we were all supposed to make more efforts than ever to improve women뭩 cycling in Middle East in particular. 
One of the important subjects discussed at the MC was about possibility for integration of the annual Asian and Oceania Track and Road Cycling Championships into one combined Championships. For this, a working study group was established in the ACC headed by Mr. Wahab, Chairman of the ACC Road Committee assigned to come up with detailed programs on how to until this November. The Oceania Cycling Confederation (OCC) will also come up with its final agreement possibly before the end of this year (2012).
Also, during the MC, Cho, Hee Wook, ACC President has revealed his schemes to award incentive prize money to the Asian Olympics and Paralympics Medalists during the 2013 ACC Statutory Congress Meeting on 12th March at New Delhi, India.
He also wanted to invite more of the Board keen attention to the principle of autonomy of NF and non-interference into its internal affairs and management, especially in their elections of the Management Board, since if serious violations are detected and come to the surface, we would have no way to neglect them in order to preserve the Olympic Movement , sanctions against which ,in turn, might eventually damage normal growth of cycling sport in general at the level of NF in question, Asia and the World as well.
The Meeting came to a close at 6 o뭖lock p.m. after 4 hours of long conference.
(Pictures of Meeting: Attached herewith)