29-Nov-2017 09:35

According to the decision made at the ACC Management Committee held on 21st Nov, 2010 in Guangzhou, China, the ACC, on 9th March 2011, posted to all the Asian Record Holders the ACC Certificates of New Records which have been set up by the Asian cyclists until the 2010 Asian Track Cycling Championships, the 2009 Asian Indoor Cycling Championships, the 2010 Asian Games, the 2009 East Asian Games and the 2007 Asian Indoor Games including all the UCI sanctioned international track and indoor cycling events up to 2011.

A total of 107 Asian riders from China, Korea, Hong Kong China, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Chinese Taipei were presented with the certificates over 68 track cycling specialties. Macao, however, has its own record holders only for indoor cycling discipline.

Mr. Cho, ACC President said,� the issues of the certificates can help make contribution to some extent towards raising sense of pride for great achievement of the wonderful records made by our riders, and also towards continued globalization of cycling sport in Asia and our member NF.�