ACC Constitution & By-Laws Changed at the Congress of 7th Feb

29-Nov-2017 09:35

The ACC Congress held at Bangkok Amari Watergate Hotel on 7th Feb 2011 approved the proposals for changing article 10, 1) of the ACC Constitution and for incorporating article 6 of the UCI Constitution. The decision was made where 27 NF out of the 29 NF present at the Congress Meeting accepted the proposals by an absolute majority vote respectively. Only 2 NF voted in abstention the amendment of The Article 10, 1) of the ACC Constitution abolished a paragraph concerning limitation of the maximum number of the terms of the ACC President, while amended Article 6 of the UCI Constitution was incorporated in the ACC Constitution at the said Congress.

The Congress was called in order, when 29 NF were confined to be present at the Congress by a roll-call of the ACC Secretary General made immediately before the start of the Congress. In his opening remark, Mr. Cho, ACC President said that globalization of the Asia cycling has been ACC뭩 main challenges we have set ourselves during the last several years, and in that regard, he was glad and proud to see the year of 2010 devoted to making a step forward. He also remarked all for their wonderful contribution towards promotion and globalization of our cycling being made in our affiliated federations, our Continent and the world as well.

The other major topic discussed and the decisions taken at the Congress were as follows:

- Financial Report of the ACC for 2010 was approved by a unanimous decision;

- Report on the 2011 Asian Cycling Championships in Thailand was made by TCA;

- Reports on the 2011 Asian MTB and BMX Championships in China were made by CCA;

- Malaysia Cycling Federation, the Organizer of the 2012 Asian Cycling Championships in Kuala Rumpur presented on the general information, especially on the period of the Event from 8th - 17th Feb 2012;

- Laos and Turkmenistan Cycling Federation were provisionally suspended for their non-payment of their large amount of the arrears due for their affiliation fees to UCI / ACC on the condition that if and only if the two NF pay considerable amounts of the arrears due before the start of the 2011 UCI Congress in Copenhagen. In their regard, Mr. Pat McQuaid also was present at the Congress mentioned that he would contact with Turkmenistan NOC in order to settle down this issue before the dead line set forth for its final decision on its sanction, which would be make at the 2011 UCI Congress;

- The 9 Voting delegates to the 2011 UCI Congress in Copenhagen were duly elected, and 5 reserves were also elected at the Congress.

Just before the Congress started, Mr. Chumpol Silapa-archa, Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thai Government paid a courtesy call to the ACC Congress to deliver his thanks for awarding the 2011 Asian Cycling Championships to Thai Cycling Association.

Mr. Pat McQuaid was also present at the Congress, accompanied by Mrs. Dominique Raymond, manager of NF & CC Liasion, UCI.

The said Congress also decided to organize the 2012 ACC Congress Meeting on 13th Feb 2012 in Kuala Lumpur during the 2012 Asian Cycling Championships in Malaysia. The finalization of the agenda of the Congress was left over to the discretion of the ACC President.

The Congress expressed its warm appreciation to TCA and Organizer of the 2011 Asian Cycling Championships for its handworks and warm hospitality shown the national delegates present at the Congress and also for the members of the ACC Management Committee present at the MC of 6th Feb.