ACC Coaching Course in Sharjah, UAE in Coming September

29-Nov-2017 09:35

The ACC is going to organize an ACC coaching course in September 2010 at Sharjah, UAE aimed at promoting women road and track cycling especially in the Middle East and South Asian countries as follows:
   1) Name of the course: ACC coaching course for women뭩 track and road cycling
   2) Objectives of the course: To promote practical training technique, skills and knowledge for coaches who will be devoted mainly to the development of young women뭩 track and road cycling and also to the development of men riders for track and road cycling in the Middle East and South Asian countries.
   3) Period of the course: 14th-23rdSeptember, 2010 (10 days)
   4) Place of the course: Zayed Velodrome and Road Circuits at Sharjah, UAE
   5) Maximum no. of trainee coaches to be invited: All 10 women or men coaches (1 coach to be invited from each of the10 national federations in ME & South Asia)
   6) 10 countries to be invited to send a trainee coach: Bahrain, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Syria, UAE
   7) Accommodation (hotel): *UAE Youth Hostel in Dubai (for trainee coaches)
                               *Ramada Hotel in Dubai (for the UCI instructor)
   8) The trainee coach will be provided with a free round-trip air ticket from his (her) country to Dubai, free accommodation & free meals during the period of the course.
   9) The organizer of the course will provide an interpreter (English-Arabian) during the classes of the course, and so the trainee coaches are required to speak and understand either of English and/or Arabian languages.
   10) An English speaking instructor teaching for the course will be invited from the UCI / Europe supported from the NFDF.
The countries that are invited to send their trainee candidates for attending the aforementioned course in Sharjah are required to inform the office of the Secretary General, ACC of the following information No Later Than 16thJuly, 2010:
   1) Name/ e-mail address / mail address/ mobile phone/ fax No. of your candidate qualified for the course:
   2) Curriculum Vitae for your candidate in cycling sport:
If they are not responding to the ACC with the information on their candidates within the aforementioned deadline, the ACC will ask other national federation (s) to join the project, considering that they are no more interested in this project. When you wish to know more on this, please contact with the following persons:
   1) Mr. Choi, Boo Woong, Secretary General, ACC (before 30thJuly, 2010)
      * /+82-2-467-13139(tel)/+82-2-467-1323(fax)
   2) Mr. Al-Qassimi, President of UAE Cyc Federation (after 30thJuly, 2010)
      * /+971-6 5588778