The $22,000 wheel change

29-Nov-2017 09:35

In a dramatic day of racing where Boris Shpilevsky (Russia) was assured victory in this years Tour of Hainan, a monumental blunder occurred when Shpilevsky made a wheel change with the Nutrixxion Sparkasse team, causing him to receive a two minute penalty for irregular mechanical assistance with another team.  Francisco Ventoso (Carmiooro A-Style) was therefore moved from second on GC to first overall.

The sun and warmth was back for the final stage in Sanya, and a regimented, predictable day was expected during the 12 laps of the 6.6Km circuit.  The pace was high for the most and the yellow jersey wearer Boris Shpilevsky (Russia) stayed around 10th wheel. The only break occurred when Blazej Janiaczyk (Mroz), David Pell (Savings and Loans) and Clemens Fankhauser (Elk Haus) rode clear on the 5ht lap. They lasted until two laps remaining.

Sometime then Shpilevsky made the wheel change with the Nutrixxion Sparkasse team, which is unknown as the Russian team car was the first in the convoy.

In the end Boris Shpilevsky (Russia) once again won the stage, but it was not the victory he had envisioned. With the time penalty he moved from first to 37th on GC, and missed out on the US$22,000 prize for winning overall individual general classification. Francisco Ventoso (Carmiooro A-Style) and his team mates were surprised but thrilled with taking the overall position.