The 2017 ACC Congress Meeting in Bahrain

29-Nov-2017 09:35

Pursuant to Article 5 of the ACC Constitution, it is notified that the 2017 ACC Statutory Congress will be held during the 2017 Asian Road & Road Para-cycling Championships in Bahrain as follows:
*Date: 3rd March (Friday) 2017         *Time: 09:00 o뭖lock (9 a.m.)
*Place: Gilgamesh Ballroom, Ground Floor of Golden Tulip Bahrain Hotel
(Address: Building 5, Road N◦ 339 Block 317, Diplomatic Area 1299, Manama, Bahrain
/Tel: +973-17-535000   www.
-Agenda (Tentative):
1.  Opening Remarks by ACC President
2.  To Approve the Minutes of the Last ACC Congress in Japan on 25thJan, 2016
3.  ACC MC Reports for the Year 2016
4.  ACC Financial Report for the Year 2016
5.  Proposal for the Modifications to the ACC Constitution & By-Laws
6.  Election of the ACC President for 2017-2021
7.  Election of the ACC Management Committee Members for 2017-2021
8.  Election of the Candidates to the UCI Management Committee from Asia
9.  Election of the Voting Delegates & Substitute Delegates to the 2017 UCI Congress
10. The UCI Presentations (Subjects to Be Determined by UCI)
11. UCI/ ACC Affiliation Fees for 2017
12. Awarding the 2018 Asian Championships
13. Awarding the ACC Merit & Certificate of Appreciation
14. Other Matters:
14-1.Next ACC Congress        14-2.Other Matters
Pursuant to Article 5, 9 & 10 of the ACC Constitution and By-Laws, it is notified that the 2017 ACC Congress will elect the ACC President, Members of the ACC Management  Committee(MC) and Candidates for the UCI MC from Asia during the Congress in Bahrain. The ACC Prescribed Nomination Form for the ACC President, Members of the ACC MC and the Candidates for the UCI MC from Asia are herewith enclosed. Each of the aforementioned ACC Prescribed Nomination Forms must be completely filled with all the information needed by the said Forms in English and deposited (by e-mail, and/or fax, and /or post) at the Registered Office of the Secretary General, ACC at latest 60 days prior to the date of the 2017 ACC Congress. This means that the deadline for depositing the ACC Prescribed Forms for all the Candidates for the ACC/UCI Positions from NF is set at 17:00 o뭖lock on 2nd Jan, 2017(by Korean Local Time) at the penalties of non-eligibility for their respective ACC Congress Elections concerned.  
Three (3) National Delegates as a maximum from each National Federation (NF) are eligible to attend the said Congress, but each NF is entitled to cast only one (1) vote for each of the ACC elections. It is advised that you and all the candidates for the elections must read carefully 뱓he Relevant Rules in the ACC Constitution & By-Laws for the 2017 Congress Elections� 
Also, there will be an ACC MC on 2nd March, 2017 (Thursday) at 14:30 o뭖lock at Golden Tulip Bahrain Hotel. More details including its Agenda will be notified to the ACC Board Members and Chairmen of the ACC Committees in due time. Please be reminded that only the ACC Board Members, Chairmen, ACC Committees and their interpreters will be permitted to attend the ACC MC.
Please return Your 밃CC RETURN FORM� to the Office of the Secretary General, ACC by either of fax (+82-2-467-1323) and /or e-mail ( No Later Than 15th Feb, 2017. The 밃CC Return Form� may be used to help Bahrain Cycling Federation (Organizing NF) in arranging the airport pick-ups, local transportation and hotel room reservations, etc. for the participants to the meetings of the ACC including the ACC Congress (3rd March), Management Committee (2nd March)and USP Seminar (1st March) in Bahrain. The 2017 ACC Congress File with its finalized Agenda and other information will be forwarded to your NF around 31st Jan 2017 or so by post or e-mail.
For your travel arrangement for Bahrain including the visa, if needed, and the ACC Congress Hotel room reservations (Golden Tulip Bahrain Hotel) and any other information you may need to know, please contact directly with Mr. Sayed Shubber Al-Wedaie, Secretary General, Bahrain NF  ( /Tel: +973-394-61164  Fax: +973-176-50079).