2013 ACC Election Congress at New Delhi, India

29-Nov-2017 09:35

To : President /Secretary General of All National Federation Affiliated to the ACC
Pursuant to Article 5 of the ACC Constitution & By-Laws, this is to notify that the 2013 ACC Statutory Congress will take place as follows:
 -Date: 12thMarch (Tuesday), 2013               -Time: 10:00 hrs (10 a.m.)
 -Place: Sovereign 1 (Basement Level) at Hotel Le Meredien at Janpath
Road , New Delhi, India
Pursuant to Article 5, 9 & 10 of the ACC Constitution and By-Laws, the 2013 ACC Congress will elect the ACC President, Members of the ACC MC and 2nd Candidate for the UCI MC from Asia during the Congress Meeting. The ACC Prescribed Nomination Forms for ACC President, Members of the ACC MC and the 2nd Candidate for the UCI MC from Asia are herewith enclosed. The Forms must be completely filled with all the information needed in English and deposited at, and/or e-mailed, and/or faxed, and /or posted to the registered office of the Secretary General, ACC at the latest 60 days prior to the date of the 2013 ACC Congress, which is 10thJan, 2013 by 17:00hrs (Korean Local Time).
It is advised that you will have to read carefully 뱓he Relevant Rules in the ACC Constitution & By-Laws for the 2013 Congress Elections�..
Please return your Return Form (Encl#1) to the Office of Secretary General, ACC by either of post and/or fax (+82-2-467-1323) and/or e-mail (acccycling@yahoo.co.kr) No Later Than 24thFeb, 2013. It may be used to help you in arranging your Delegations� transportation, Hotel reservations and visas. The said Congress Booklet which includes the Agenda and necessary information will be forwarded to your National Federation before 9thFeb, 2013.
Also, there will be an ACC MC on 11thMarch, 2013 (Monday) at 14:00 hrs at Board Room 2010+2020 (20thFloor) of Hotel Le Meredien. More details including its Agenda will be notified to the ACC Board Members in due time. Please be reminded that only the ACC Board Members and Chairmen, ACC Committees are entitled to attend it.
The ACC has transmitted all the necessary ACC Prescribed Nomination Forms and document to each of the NFs affiliated to the ACC by e-mail, fax and post mail on 24thDec, 2012.
However, those National Federations which have not received the ACC Prescribed Nomination Forms and the document for each of the aforementioned elections yet as of today (26thDec, 2012) will have to contact immediately with the Secretary General, ACC for any proper actions needed to make sure of the receipt of the Nomination Forms and the relevant document.
We ACC would consider the Forms and relevant document have been well received by the NF which does not respond accordingly to this notification before the end of 2012.