2012 National Elite Commissaire Course for Road in Malaysia

29-Nov-2017 09:35

UCI has decided to establish the new qualification of 밬CI Elite National Commissaire�(ENC) with a status between that of National and International Commissaire. To this end, 뱓he UCI National Elite Commissaire Course for Road Cycling� is going to be organized under a NFDF in June, 2012 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in collaboration between the UCI, ACC and Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) as follows:
1)      Name of the Course: The 2012 UCI National Elite Commissaire Course for Road Cycling in Malaysia;
2)      Main Aim of the Course: To assist NFs in improving the skills of their National Commissaires on the basis of the application of the UCI regulations in road cycling discipline;
3)   Period of the Course: 16th-19thJune, 2012 (All 4 days including Exam day);
      However, the candidates shall arrive at KL on 15thJune, one (1) day before
 the commence of the Course, and leave from KL on 20thJune, 2012 at the latest.
   4)   Place of the Course: Kuala Lumpur and its vicinity;
5)   No. of Candidates to Be Invited: 19-20 Men or Women National
 Commissaires (10 from MNCF, 7-8 from SEA countries & exceptionally 3 from
 UAE,HK and Korea);
6)   Accommodation (Hotel): To Be Determined Later On by MNCF;
7)   The Course will be conducted in English by an Instructor to be appointed by
the UCI. A 2nd Instructor (a UCI International Commissaire for Road) shall
be appointed by MNCF. All the trainees are required to speak /understand
English, and also shall be holders of the National Commissaire Licenses
issued by their NF.
The Candidate뭩 expenses for attending the Course including his/her round trip air ticket, accommodation/meals and local transportation during the period of the Course will be borne by the Organizer (MNCF) under the NFDF. 
MNCF shall be the Organizer of the Course and shall be responsible for the practical execution of this Course including selection and registration of the candidates, budget spending, submission of its After-Action Report to the ACC/UCI;
Please find the enclosed Forms for the Curriculum Vitae of the candidate (Application Forms).
The points of contact in MNCF for this project are as follows:
1)      Mr. Nahar Faiz, Executive Secretary, MNCF
Infoacc2012@gmail.com , Tel: +606 – 283 - 0150 / +6012 - 6106 - 235
2)      Mr. Omar Ibrahim, International Affairs, MNCF
ibrahimuci@hotmail.com, Tel: +6019 – 750 – 8049