The 2012 ACC Congress held on 13thFeb at Kuala Lumpur

29-Nov-2017 09:35

 The 2012 ACC Statutory Congress has been taken place on 13thFeb at Hotel Royal, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 10:00 hrs with the national delegations from 31 NF affiliated to the ACC, and Mr. Pat McQuaid, UCI President present.
Mr. Cho, H. W., ACC President welcomed all the delegations by recalling that it was just a year mingled with bad and good news not only for the ACC, but also for our member NF as well, and said that cycling sport in our member NF would certainly continue its nation, continent and world wide expansion of the boundaries in coming years even in the face of tougher challenges ahead of us.
He also expressed his warm thanks to Mr. Wahab, President of the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) for  wonderfully organizing the 1st Asian Road Para-cycling Championships and the 2012 Asian Tack and Road Cycling Championships in Malaysia.
The Agenda for the Congress included:
1.      Approval of the Last Congress Minutes;
2.      Report of the ACC MC for 2011;
3.      Financial Report of the ACC for the year 2011;
4.      Election of the Voting Delegates from Asia to the 2012 UCI Congress;
5.      Presentation on Cycling in Korea;
6.      Presentation on Road Cycling in Asia;
7.      Lift of Suspension against Laos and Turkmenistan;
8.      Report on the 2012 Asian Road Para-cycling Championships & the Asian Track and Road Cycling Championships in Malaysia;
9.      Report on the 2012 Asian MTB Championships in Lebanon;
10.  Report on the 2012 Asian BMX Championships in HK, China;
11.  Report on the 1st Edition of Track Clubs ACC Cup in Tehran;
12.  Report on the 2nd Asian Road Para-cycling Championships 2013 Asian Track and Road Cycling Championships in New Delhi, India;
13.  Presentation on CCC Shuzenji;
14.  Other Matters.
At the Congress, Mr. Alfred Li, Representative from Hong Kong Cycling Association was presented with an ACC Certificate of Appreciation and Incentive Money in recognition of its successful organization of the 2012 Asian Indoor Cycling Championships in HK in Jan, 2012. The Congress also awarded to Mr. Gurung, President of Nepal Cycling Association, who successfully manged to climb up to the Mt. Everest, the top of the world, bringing his bike, the ACC and the UCI flags along with himself in an effort to showcase the image of clean cycling sport.
The Congress decided unanimously to hold the 2013 ACC Congress in New Delhi on 12thMarch, 2013 during the 2013 Asian Cycling Championships.