10 Trainee Coaches Selected from 9 NF for the 1st ACC Coaching Course in Sharjah, UAE

29-Nov-2017 09:35

The ACC Coaching Course approaches and opens on 14thSept at Sharjah, UAE, as all 10 trainee coaches selected from 5 NF of the Middle East and 4 NF of South Asia affiliated to the ACC are getting ready to travel to UAE in a full expectation of the first Coaching Course ever held by the ACC.

The 10 day뭩 Course will be delivered by a well known instructor, Mr. Robert Harvey from England, who was appointed by the UCI.

All the costs related to the Course including airfares, accommodation, meals and local transportations will be financed under the 2010 NFDF Programs and practically carried out under the direct patronage of the ACC and UAE Cycling Federation.

The lists of the 10 trainee coaches selected are as follows:
 -Syria      : Mr. Ibrahim Al Sukni     
 -Iran       : Ms. Abedi Ardahaee Maryam
 -Pakistan : Mr. Idris Haider Khawaja  
 -Lebanon : Mr. Kaissar Salloum
 -Jordan    : Mr. Ala Hussein Saad AlBenni
 -UAE       : Mr. Humaid Mehrab Alsabbagh  / Mr.Mohamed Hassan Almurawwi
 -India      : Ms. Ruma Chattopadhyay
 -Sri Lanka : Ms. Ranasinha Mudiyanselage N. Rajapakse
 -Nepal      : Ms. Nirjara Tamrakar