Latest News

Latest News

A New 250M Velodrome Opened at C.C.C. Shuzenji

On 29thSeptember, 2011, C.C.C. Shuzenji opened its new and state of art modern  250 meter Velodrome which was the 1st doomed 250 meter wooden Velodrome in Japan after 1 and half years� struggle for its construction.

SEA Coaching Course in Thailand Launched on 1st Sept

The ACC뭩 South East Asian Coaching Course financed under the NFDF Project started in Bangkok on 1stSept with all 12 coaches from 7 National Cycling Federations (See the list of the participating coaches attached) in the SEA Region and Mr. Nick Yarworth

New Management Board for Oman Cycling Federation

The Management Committee of Oman Cycling Federation has been reshuffled as follows:
- Mr.  Saif bin Sebaa bin Rashid Al Rashidi :  President
- Mr.  Khalifa bin Khamees bin Saif Al Jabri :  Vice President

ACC Sent A Korean Trainer to Myanmar for the 2011 SEA Games

On 21st July 2011, Mr. Lee Dong Yeup, a Korean Cycling Trainer was sent to Myanmar
 Cycling Federation in order to train Myanmar Men and Women National Cycling Teams for 4
 months in Myanmar till November for their preparations

UCI Track Cycling Workshop To Be held in March in Netherlands

UCI Track Cycling Workshop is going to be held in the morning of the 23rd March 2011 in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.
This Workshop is organized to follow up matters that were discussed on the Track Cycling Workshop held during the 2009 UCI Track


The ACC Statutory Congress held in Bangkok, Thailand on 7thFeb, 2011 has decided to suspend Laos Cycling Federation (LCF) and Turkmenistan Cycling Federation (TCF) provisionally on the pre-condition that LCF and TCF do not complete their payment of

ACC Constitution & By-Laws Changed at the Congress of 7th Feb

The ACC Congress held at Bangkok Amari Watergate Hotel on 7th Feb 2011 approved the proposals for changing article 10, 1) of the ACC Constitution and for incorporating article 6 of the UCI Constitution. The decision was made where 27 NF out of the


The 1st Meeting of the ACC Management Committees for 2011 was held at Amari Watergate Hotel at 2 p.m. on 6th Feb 2011 and discussed/decided on the followings:

- The financial report for 2011 was made to the Meeting and the MC decided to approve

Mr. Cho, ACC President at the UCI Track World Cup, Beijing

As the UCI Representative, Mr. Cho, Hee Wook, ACC President and UCI Vice President visited Beijing to watch the track competitions of the 3rd Round of the UCI Track World Cups, which were held in Laoshan Velodrome, China from 21st to 23rdJanuary, 2011.

2011 ACC Statutory Congress Scheduled for 7thFeb at Bangkok

The 2011 ACC Statutory Congress will take place as follows: 

-Date: 7thFeb, 2011                

-Time: 10:00 hrs (10 a.m.)

-Place: Ballroom, 6th Floor, Hotel Amari Watergate