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Latest News

2011 ACC Management Committee Scheduled for 6thFeb at Bangkok

The 1st ACC Management Committee of 2011 will be taken place as follows:

  - Date: 6thFeb, 2011(Sunday)    
  - Time: 14:00 hrs (2 p.m.)

  - Place:

ACC Management Committee (MC) Held in Guangzhou

The ACC Management Committee (MC) was held at Shangri-La Hotel on 21st Nov, 2010 at 14:00 hrs to decide the following major items:

  1. The 31st Asian Elite Cycling Championships and 18th Asian Junior Cycling Championships:

ACC Management Committee To Be Held During the Guangzhou Asian Games:

An Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC) Management Committe will be held on 21st Nov during the Guangzhou Asian Games as follows:

 - Date: 21st Nov, 2010 (Sunday)

 - Time: 14:00 hrs (2 p.m.)

 - Place: Bai Yun

Cambodia Cycling Federation (CCF) Became An ACC / UCI Member NF :(01. 10. 2010)

The UCI Congress at Melbourne on 1stOctober, 2010 accepted the affiliation of Cambodia Cycling Federation (CCF) as a UCI and ACC member national federation, thus being the 41st ACC member federation. The ACC and UCI President delivered a warm welcoming

India뭩 First UCI Asia Tour Calendar: Tour de Delhi

The Tour de Delhi-Cyclothon 2010 made its first appearance this year on the UCI Asia Tour calendar, and finished its tough competitions on 29th August, 2010 (Sunday) at a circuit including Parliament Street and Ashoka Road in Delhi, India.


Mr. Cho, H. W.,ACC President to Attend 3 Consecutive UCI Meetings for EC , MC & Congress at Melbourne in Sept and Oct:

Mr. Cho, ACC President will be going to visit to Melbourne, Australia from 27thSept to 1stOct, 2010 to attend the UCI Executive Committee (EC), Management Committee (MC), which are to be held consecutively during the 2010 UCI Road World Championships.


10 Trainee Coaches Selected from 9 NF for the 1st ACC Coaching Course in Sharjah, UAE

The ACC Coaching Course approaches and opens on 14thSept at Sharjah, UAE, as all 10 trainee coaches selected from 5 NF of the Middle East and 4 NF of South Asia affiliated to the ACC are getting ready to travel to UAE in a full expectation of the first

Mr. Ulzi-Orshikh Jamsran (Mongolia) To Be Awarded with UCI Merit At 2010 UCI Congress, Melbourne:

A UCI Merit will be awarded to Mr. Ulzi-Orshikh Jamsran, Secretary General of Mongolian Cycling Federation (MCF) and former Mongolian National Cyclist during the 2010 UCI Congress at Melbourne on 1stOct. The Award of the UCI Merit was decided at the

Two Gold Medals for A Korean Girl Rider at the 2010 UCI Junior World Track Championships

On the opening day of competition on 11thAugust, Hye Jin, Lee from Korea, who has been training at the WCC in Aigle, Switzerland since February, 2010 won a gold medal in 500M Time Trial and on 14th August, Hye Jin, Lee again won her second gold medal